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The Case for Co-Op

My brothers and I, we weep.  We long for the days when there was rage in the streets; days of entrusting the safety of our cities to a motley crew of heroes.  We punched hoodlums and kicked ninjas, all on the same city block.  Arcade machines sucked pockets dry as we mashed buttons.  Poor player three, he gets Hawkeye.  Poorer player four gets stuck with Vision.  Those were the days.  Just punch a trash can, there’s turkey inside.

If that all sounds like nonsense, you may not have much experience with the “beat ’em up” genre.  Games like Streets of Rage and Final Fight cemented my perception of what cooperative gaming should be like, and I know I’m not alone.  Yet, when I go to websites like Co-Optimus, I’m frequently disappointed.  The selection is so scarce.  Wanna play on the same screen?  Sorry.  Offline?  Pfft, good luck.  Oh, you want a cooperatively focused game, not a competitive online shooter with a crappy co-op mode?  Sucks to be you.  My major problem is that co-op is becoming a marketable feature now.  Players just don’t expect it as much, so it becomes a special add-on.  Are we so content with killing each other?  Are developers just to lazy to make AI that is challenging to a group of humans working together?  Don’t make me bring up Monster Hunter again…

Ninja Baseball Batman. There is nothing left to say.

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