Easiest Bugfix Ever?

Why do we not fix bugs?

Before you spout out your answer, focus on what I didn’t say.  I didn’t say “Why do we not find bugs.”  I specifically asked about fixing them.  Yes, there is a story for this one.

I was semi-frantically looking around the cramped, crowded alleyways of GitHub for a small bug to fix.  I’m no code-vigilante, it was an assignment for my Free and Open-Source Software class.  Intentions aside, I stumbled upon the strangest phenomenon.

In the Issues section was a bug observation that actually contained the solution.  Now, I’m not simply applauding my own luck for finding a fixed-but-not-actually-fixed bug to easily complete my assignment.  Rather, I’m quite puzzled.  This person seemed quite competent, so why didn’t he fix it?  It was literally a single line of code.  That was all it took to fix this issue.  In fact, to even notice the problem, he had to have been looking at the code.  I didn’t see a pull request.  Was he waiting for the core team to fix it?  Do a lot of people do that?

If not for FOSS, would I have done that?  Hmm…

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