Reflections of My First RocPy Meetup

RocPy was interesting, but don’t take that statement at face value.  It wasn’t the subject matter, although it helps to know how getters and setters work in Python.  Still, that wasn’t what was magical to me.  See, this was my first programming-related meetup.  If you’re a seasoned meeter-upper, pardon my ignorance.

For me, there was something about meeting up with people who are passionate about programming.  Something about the meeting’s existence itself transformed it from a group of nerds talking about descriptors and servers to a room full of craftsmen.  I think this speaks volumes about programmers.  We are not simply the lone code monkey in a corporate cage.  When we choose to, we can band together and teach ourselves.  We can be a force for good or evil.  That’s what meetups are all about.

Maybe it’s something in the air that’s got me all introspective.  Maybe it was threebean’s epic beard.  Who knows.

Also, meta-classes hurt my brain.


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