Triforce Remix

So, Ganondorf is the bad guy.  That’s pretty set in stone.  He’s like Bowser, everyone knows he’s the evil one, just like Link is always the hero and Zelda always has a knack for being easy to kidnap.  Something about this bothered me.  See, the Triforce has three parts (duh): Power, Wisdom, and Courage.  Ganondorf represents power.  Ganondorf is evil.  Is power evil?  Can’t wisdom be evil?  What about courage?  I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with the way things are, and I understand why Nintendo isn’t messing with the formula.  The formula works.  It’s just that I can’t help but imagine a different Zelda universe.

I can see an evil Zelda.  She’s royalty, and that can lead to corruption.  What if she abused her power to gain control of….well, Power.  She could drain Ganondorf of his power and use it to extend her tyrannic reach.  Ganondorf wouldn’t be evil, he’d be a leader of a less powerful nation.  This event would cast him from his throne, and he would seek the only other individual with the power of the Triforce: Link.

Don't you just wanna hug him?

Before you say anything, I know this is never going to happen.  And yes, this is mainly just an example of my extreme bias for co-op, but hey, it’s my blog :D.

So the game would be a 3d Zelda adventure in which the players assume the roles of Link and Ganondorf.  Link would have his trademark sword and shield, and would collect a variety of magical items as usual.  On the other hand, Ganondorf would fight with his fists (Warlock punch ftw) and would use more magical abilities, possibly including a super-nerfed boar transformation.

In single player mode, the other character would be handled by AI.  To avoid frustration, delicate puzzle sequences would have to be free of any highly disruptive enemies.  Also, the CPU character’s deaths would not count for Game Over, but there will be a revival delay when in battle.  Finally, the player can switch characters at will.

From a combat standpoint, Ganondorf would be stronger and more agile, but would lack stamina and defensive abilities.  Think Batman in the Arkham games minus the ability so essentially counter anything short of a nuclear missile.  Link would be…..Link.  I can’t think of a reason to mess with a system that works so well already.

For puzzles, I see no reason why the two player should be confined to one room.  Simply split the screen and players can complete puzzles that span multiple rooms.  Ganondorf’s magic allows him to manipulate the elements and communicate with creatures.  He can also pull off some more acrobatic feats through magic use.  It should be noted that some things can be achieved by both characters in different ways.  There’s a far away platform?  Hookshot to it.  If you’re Ganondorf, use magic to perform an agile long jump.

I’ll stop here before I get carried away.  I like this idea, and I think it should stay what it is: an idea.  Can you think of any cool Ganon-magic?  Is there anything you could see in a game like this?  Feedback is awesome.

This is awkward.....

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3 thoughts on “Triforce Remix

  1. dboy says:

    how about a new Double dragon game where the girl that always gets kidnapped actually finds a way to escape and begins to beat all of her captives up with a rage like that of a Heritage Hurricane?

    • iamplayer3 says:

      I’m fairly certain that in order to come up with this comment, you must have somehow managed to snort the entire Katamari Damacy series in a cocaine-like fashion. And yes, that is an amazing idea.

  2. or… final fantasy game where the big guy is a magic user. Why can’t big guys cast spells too. Why must they always be melee fighters. Maybe the girl could tifa from ff7. That was cool.

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